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ReGaining Focus


Welcome to the new website for  Our brand started out as just a Blog and quickly expanded. Since we've added more services and have branched out we decided to add a brand new look! Please enjoy the new site and look around to see what's new! READ MORE..


Planning 2019

Vanessa Ortiz began Life Coaching over 5 years ago. Working with young women recreate their lives with better coping skills, healthy habits, boundaries and support, really became a passion for her. Beautiful Shades of Me is an extension of Vanessa so naturally Life Coaching became a component of the brand! You can view her coaching program HERE



Facebook Group

Our strongest value is building healthy relationships! We believe that as women we can accomplish more together than we can a part! Often times, after bad experiences we stop trying to create community and beneficial relationships with each other.  Covered is a chance to change that! READ MORE.



In July we started our Women of Worth Spotlight as a way to model supportive and empowering relationship between women. Our very first spotlight is the very talented Veronica Moses! She is the founder to with and amazing story to tell! Veronica is a true warrior and a wonderful to women everywhere! Do yourself a favor a check her out along with other women in the spotlight!