My top five daily health


As a mom, a professional or just an adult, life gets extremely "busy". I've found that I'm either making my way through weeks at a time just going through the motions or very overtaken by the demands of life. I for one struggle with BALANCE

Recently, I've seen a quote that said….

"Stop The Glorification of Busy"

I can't agree with that statement more. We tend to feel like our busy lives make us appear important. INCORRECT! We all know that you can be busy but accomplishing absolutely nothing. So I break the habit in a few different ways...

  1. My favorite (most effective) is QUIET TIME. The key is to be in a comfortable and calm place with my PHONE OFF! I write, pray, read or just think. I use this time to sort through my thoughts, make major decisions or take inventory of the current stage of my life. Quiet time is beneficial to me because I walk away with clarity and a sense of peace. I am already the type of person that doesn't enjoy large group or loud noises, so this habit for me is essential.

  2. Make SELF-CARE a priority! Again as a mom and a professional, I am responsible for A LOT! With that comes a sense of guilt when you try and take a time-out! I remember, when I started in my current position feeling the need to answer every email and every call. One day off, I decided to take a time out and get a pedicure and it felt like my life pushed back. I contacted the only person that I thought would understand, my older sister. As a social worker for many years, she explained that I can't be everything I need to be to everyone if I don't first take care of myself. She suggested I start creating boundaries and in order for those boundaries to be respected, I needed to be consistent. In short, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Balance your life and a laundry list of tasks with the things that make you happy!

  3. Gain a healthy PERSPECTIVE. I've actually have had this conversation A LOT recently. I believe that a lot of the time, we tend to MAGNIFY what is taking place in our life. One of my favorite "NESS-ISMS" ( yes that is a thing ) is "A bad day is JUST ONE BAD DAY!" Our life hits a rough patch and we really go into All Hell Just Broke Lose mode! Whether it is at home or at work I really try to take a step back, assess the situation minus all the emotions and dramatics and set attainable goals! An add-on to that is the people around you! Some human beings have the unique ability to make bad situations look catastrophic. LET'S ALLLLLL TAKE A STEP BACK GUYS! What I appreciate most about myself is the ability to sift through the mess and find the heart of the issue AND eliminate the background noise that makes the issue The End Of The World. For instance, work has been less than pleasant and easy, so for me I walk in with the mindset "I will accomplish A, B, C today, help the people that I CAN help and stay away from the people that make that hard." Honestly, with some practice, it becomes second nature. Not only does it alter the spaces you enter in a positive way BUT people actually get on board. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you protect your peace. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR PEACE!

  4. I value my TIME. Almost a year ago, I took inventory of my life ( as a typically do ) This time, in particular, I assessed what I "waste my time" with. Social media was the highest on my list. I eliminated it first and then I replaced it with something that was a good cause but that made me feel really good about myself. All of that time I would be on Instagram or Facebook, I put into volunteer hours! Gratifying is an understatement. There are so many things we do throughout the course of a year just to have something to do. We waste so much time and for me, I justify it with "relaxing" While my downtime IS necessary I realized that I can choose a more edifying way to spend it. The older I get the more I realize, as mean as it sounds, WE DON'T HAVE TO ENTERTAIN EVERYTHING. That includes people! That one family member/friend or group of people that you realize make you feel like crap more than they are "fun" to be around. Those "outings" you go on just to be nice and say yes but it ends up feeling like a total waste of energy. Seriously, why do we do it to ourselves?!? Our time and how we spend it is important! I just learned that it's OK to have a standard on HOW and WITH WHO you spend it with.

  5. I remember my GRATITUDE. Recently, I realized that I was waking up worried. Like straight out of my sleep thinking "OH GOD" What's today going to consist of, What do I have to do today, What does everyone need from me, I just WOKE up and I feel tired! Complaining, worrying and stressing. ANXIETY THROUGH THE ROOF! So my last healthy habit stems from how I decide to wake up differently! As soon as I open my eyes I ignored every other thought and JUST say "Thank you, God." I run off a list of blessings in my life. They are all around but we tend to overlook them. It changes the course of my day! I understand that a lot comes with my day but before opening my mind to complaints and worry, I remind myself that there ARE good things all around! The most special thing is, more of my "How Are You?" is now answered with "Amazing! I woke up this morning." Listen, ENERGY is everything that you feel, you emanate, you attract others and it is reflected RIGHT BACK to you! TRY IT! You wake up with an attitude, go into the world with an attitude, you will notice that everyone around you is reflecting anger. You either attracted mad people or you snuffed out the positive energy from the room. Have you ever had someone around you SO negative and now you are agitated? See!

I hope my healthy tips are reasonable enough for you to make them apart of your day!

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