Take Me Back


June 2016, my 2 sisters, 3 nieces and I took a trip to the George Town, Cayman Islands.

We SLEPT in a beautiful condo on the Seven Mile Beach.

Notice I said "Slept" 

It was undoubtedly the most captivating place we could have picked and we decided to enjoy every moment of it.

First order of business.......The crystal blue water.


So, we get off of the plane, are greeted by some of the sweetest and helpful people. We start off by all piling into a taxi and make our way to the condo. My family and I took a quick peek at the condo and started off to the WATER!

Seriously do you see that picture?

Stepping foot on that sand gave me instant permission to forget every responsibility I had waiting back at home for me!


 Beautiful Cayman Night ♥

I was a typical tourist and went to Pinterest right after I booked my flight!

I found every MUST SEE place, excursions and must have foods!

We QUICKLY found our GO-TO restaurant! I still crave the food from CHICKEN!CHICKEN! on a monthly basis. Sad! So Sad! But you have to look at this!



We took every opportunity to make it to this restaurant! The Jerk Chicken alone will keep you coming back. THE CORN BREAD? Forget about it! MUST HAVE!

Another favorite of mine was the PRIMA! It was right on the beach and right next to our condo but if the accessibility wasn't enough, the food and amazing staff was!



 Gift of the Beach Club

The ultimate goal aside from getting a great tan and to relax was to make memories that we might not get the chance to make otherwise. So we set out to find the....


We were able to do just that! The cayman offers swimming with the sting ray. There is a little spot called Sting Ray City.


Or my personal favorite! Riding horses on the beach!


Needless to say our days were full! However, even the sunsetting was an event! Cayman Islands is said to have some of the most breathtaking sunsets. What do you think?


 Rum Point

If I can speak for my family, I would definitely say we all recommend a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands! There is so much that trip has to offer!

I love them but it is also a very romantic place. A bucket list trip for you and your sweetheart!

Vanessa Ortiz