The Beginning

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34-18) NIV

It is just me or is it very easy to feel all alone in this big world?

It feels like when times are good, everyone is around, HOWEVER, when things get thick you find yourself scrolling through your contact list and can't find a single person to share what keeps you awake at night staring at the ceiling in the dark.

If I'm being honest, more often than not I push everyone away. There is a comfort in silence from time to time. I don't feel like people can actually understand the thoughts in my head or my rollercoaster of emotions. HELL half the time I don't.

The gag is.........ISOLATION just isn't the best choice. Let's keep it real, that alone time gives your thoughts JUST enough time to make you believe all types of madness and lies!


This is what it takes to over come the feeling of being so far away from any person or place you can find comfort in.


You are worth someone listening to and you are worth someone caring when you just aren't right. We tend to minimize our emotions as "Not that serious or important" A very wise friend once told me " You can't control the thoughts that pop up in your head BUT you can control how long that thought stays." Get that "Me and what I'm feeling aren't important" thought out of your head! YOU MATTER!


A lot of times when we are feeling low WE distance ourselves from everyone. It is understandable that in the middle of the storm going out and acting like everything ok and plastering on a fake smile isn't the easiest thing in the universe to do. BUT! Taking a small step as simple as grabbing some headphones or a book and going to the park or to grab some coffee can do wonders for uplifting a spirit.


THIS RIGHT HERE! Will get you through more than a few storms. Let your sad moments be your sad moment but allow your self to laugh when something is funny. One of the ways to be successful at this step for me is to make someone else feel good or smile. For example: I grab my God baby and help her with homework or take her to the park or buy a friend flowers if they are in a tough season as well. A funny movie, children or that co-worker that is hilarious are also simple tools but helpful none the less.

Lovingly Signed

-I am Just Trying To Be A Better Person.

Vanessa OrtizComment