The F Word


Tina gospel artist from the group Mary Mary and her husband Teddy have a great new YouTube series 10 minutes with Teddy and Tina. GENIUS. I myself witnessed the unfolding of their relationship on the WEtv television show Mary Mary. The transparency that was displayed was motivational! Tina really did unravel from all of the pain that the infidelity caused. So, when I seen them work themselves back from such a dark place I seriously rooted for their success.

"You Know I Know The Pain Of Infidelity"

So to watch this couple walk people through the steps of getting back on track is outstanding. They have what appears to be a healthy and happy relationship. Don't we all wish that was the outcome?

Well Why Can't It Be?

Ok hold on men don't get too happy? That wasn't a license to step out! Keep in mind that they are married and they took vows to work through the good and BAD! However, even in your standard boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, this idea of FORGIVENESS is still very much necessary! I for one know the feeling of being set free from unbearable pain after working very hard to heal and move forward. Forgiveness is an essential part of MOVING ON. Let's be honest, there are situations where that ending is inevitable. However, none of us are perfect. It is exactly what Tina is trying to explain. We are forgiven daily for our transgressions and loved immensely! As christians, we need to have that same type of love and forgiveness for others.

It is my belief that the commitment of marriage is one that people should take very seriously. I commend this couple for working through the difficulty of infidelity and reviving their marriage. They are definitely an inspiration! Check out their series>> 10 Minutes with Teddy and Tina!



Vanessa Ortiz